Safe Pass Cork

Working in construction can be a great way to earn a living, but it’s also a dangerous job if proper safety measures are not taken. This is the reason why the Safe Pass Cork SOLAS programme was created. This requires that all construction workers have the SOLAS ID to be given access to any construction site.

The Safe Pass Cork course is going to be valid for a total of four years. Once that time has passed, you need to look for a tutor to take the course once again. It could be the same tutor or any other of your choosing as long as the tutor is SOLAS approved.

The following topics are covered during the training day:

• Introduction of Site Safety
• Risk Assessment for Evacuations
• Noise and Vibration
• Site Accident Reporting
• Site Safety and Construction Equipment
• Introduction to Risk Assessment
• Behaviour-Based Safety
Risk Assessment for Electricity
• Risk Assessment for Heights
• Site Safety and Construction Vehicles
• Personal Health and Welfare
• Legislation and Site Safety
• Personal Protective Equipment

This is an essential course to take because it will allow you to have a job in construction and to stay safe while you also contribute to a safer environment for all workers in your location. It complies with 2005, 2007, and 2013 safety, health and welfare standards.

The CSCS for Safe Pass Cork

The construction Skills certification Scheme programmes are designed to teach construction workers proper skills for construction, but they are only meant for non-craft operatives. This means that anyone who operates any large machinery needs to take other courses and training.

Legally required

Anyone who is looking to get a job in construction in the Cork area is going to require this ID. Do not forget that you are going to be legally obligated to have his ID and any construction company that hires employees without the ID is going to be breaking the law and endangering the lives of their workers.

The most important thing in this kind of situation is to remember that you are not going to be able to apply for any job in construction without. Getting this ID takes very little time, and the fees that you pay to your tutor are quite small for an ID that lasts four years.

This is also important because you are going to feel prepared to work in this kind of environment. The work you do in conduction can be very safe as long as you know what you are doing.

The Safe Pass Course in Cork

When people think about construction work in Cork, they don’t know that this ID is required, but their potential employers have to inform them of this requirement before they even consider hiring them. Sometimes people don’t find out until they have already been interviewed and this is a waste of time for both the construction companies and the people trying to get a job in construction.

Now that you know about this Safe Pass programme, you can enrol with your tutor of preference and get your ID!

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