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Safe Pass Course Limerick

SOLAS Safe Pass Events

Safe Pass Course Limerick

Safe Pass Only €150 pp - Phone: 087 7950282

The number of people looking to get construction jobs in Limerick City is constantly growing. With that said, it seems that some people are generally misinformed regarding the need for a special ID "Safe Pass Card" that allows them to gain access to construction sites. If you wish to call us for more information on booking a Safe Pass Course straight away you can reach us, on 087 7950282 or you can simply book a seat, by clicking the Safe Pass Booking Page,

The biggest problem with construction is that accidents are quite common when workers are unable to follow basic safety standards. This is the reason why the Safe Pass program was created. It is meant to educate people who plan on working at construction sites.

Understanding SOLAS Safe Pass Limerick: What Workers Are Saying

The SOLAS Safe Pass training course is a crucial requirement for anyone involved in the Irish construction industry. Its primary goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of construction workers by imparting essential knowledge about health and safety procedures on construction sites. While we can't provide specific online reviews, we can explore some common themes and considerations that workers often discuss regarding SOLAS Safe Pass.

1. Importance of Compliance: One common theme that emerges in discussions about SOLAS Safe Pass is the importance of compliance. Workers emphasize that the course is mandatory for a reason - it significantly enhances safety on construction sites. Compliance is not just a legal requirement; it's a commitment to ensuring everyone's well-being.

2. Comprehensive Training: Many reviews and comments highlight the comprehensiveness of the training provided in the Safe Pass course. Workers often appreciate the depth of information covered, including hazard identification, emergency response, and legal responsibilities. They find it helpful in preparing them for the challenges of working in a high-risk environment.

3. Career Opportunities: Safe Pass certification is not just about meeting regulatory requirements; it can also open doors to better job opportunities. Workers often mention that having a valid Safe Pass card increases their employability within the construction industry.

4. Safety Culture: Discussions about SOLAS Safe Pass frequently touch on the broader safety culture within the construction sector. Workers acknowledge that the training contributes to creating a culture of safety awareness. This cultural shift, they believe, has a positive impact on reducing accidents and injuries on construction sites.

5. Renewal and Refresher Courses: Some reviews discuss the renewal process for Safe Pass certification. Workers emphasize the importance of staying up-to-date with safety knowledge and attending refresher courses every four years. This commitment to ongoing learning is seen as a testament to the program's effectiveness.

6. Accessibility and Convenience: Workers also appreciate the accessibility of the Safe Pass program. It's offered by a network of approved training providers across Ireland, making it convenient for individuals from various regions to access the training.

In conclusion, SOLAS Safe Pass is a vital training program in the Irish construction industry. While specific reviews may vary, the common thread in online discussions is a recognition of its importance in promoting safety, improving career prospects, and fostering a culture of safety awareness. If you're a construction worker or planning to enter the industry, completing the Safe Pass course is not just a legal obligation; it's an investment in your safety and future.

The following topics are covered during the training process:

•Introduction of Site Safety

•Risk Assessment for Evacuations

•Noise and Vibration

•Site Accident Reporting

•Site Safety and Construction Equipment

•Introduction to Risk Assessment

•Behaviour-Based Safety

•Risk Assessment for Electricity

•Risk Assessment for Heights

•Site Safety and Construction Vehicles

•Personal Health and Welfare

•Legislation and Site Safety

•Personal Protective Equipment

for more info call us on 087 7950282

What you need to bring with you on the day !

On the day Attendees need to bring one passport photo.

Proof Of Irish PPS number.

Photo ID (Driving Licence or Passport)

MUST have a Good Understanding of the English Language Both Spoken and Written.

Please Note: If You Do Not Hold an Irish PPS NO. You Must Contact the Office Before Making a Booking on 087-7950282

The SOLAS Safe Pass Card will be issued to learners who successfully complete this 1 day course

The Safe Pass card will be valid for 4 Years

Starting time & registration is 7.30 am You MUST be on time

Picking the best Approved Training Provider

Before getting started with the programme, It will be comforting for you to know that Prestige Training are SOLAS Safe Pass Approved. We have been providing Safety training courses for over 10 years,

You can look for any training provider in your area that is SOLAS approved. If your tutor is not approved by SOLAS, they will not be able to request the safe pass card to be issued to you. Keep this in mind to avoid any setbacks. All the The tutor's at Prestige Training are fully approved need any further information on this just Click to Call on.087 7950282

First you will need to choose the location that suits you, you can do that by going over to the Safe Pass Booking Page, We have four venues we regularly deliver training from, Greenhills Limerick City, Kilmurry Lodge Hotel Limerick, South Court Hotel, Raheen Limerick City, and the Radisson Blu on the Ennis Rd, Limercik

The importance of the SOLAS Safe Pass, programme

This is a programme that was created for the purpose of ensuring that people in construction have basic knowledge on how to handle themselves if they are working on any kind of construction site. This programme complies with the safety, health and welfare at work act of 2005, 2007, and 2013.

It is also worth mentioning when your application form is filled and fees are paid, and you successfully pas the exam that your tutor is going to process your information and to provide you with an SOLAS Safe Pass Card on return when they are printed. Once you are done with the programme, you will be safer when you are in a construction site.

How to begin this process

The Safe Pass Course Limerick programme only requires one day, it provides a very comprehensive list of skills for any construction worker. The Safe Pass Limerick programme ensures that people who work in construction are able to handle themselves as they engage in any kind of construction work. This particular programme complies with the safety, health and welfare work act of 2005, 2007, and 2013.

A legal obligation

Both employers and employees need to remember that the SOLAS Safe Pass Course in Limerick is one that is required by law. This means that people need to consider the importance of getting this ID Card if they want to work in construction. Any individual that is given a job in construction without this ID Card is going to be breaking the law.

The best thing to do is to avoid any issues for the employers and the employees, so getting this Safe Pass Card is not only essential, it can also help people save money and time in the process. Once a person has this ID, they will feel more capable of handling a construction job.

Get a job fast and without any hassles

When you have this SOLAS Safe Pass Card, you will have the freedom to apply for any job. This does not mean that you will be chosen for any position you apply to, but having the ID gives you the opportunity to apply for any job without having to deal with a rejection because you have not gone through the Safe pass program.

Please ring Michelle in the office if you have any other questions on 087-7950282Safe Pass Course Limerick

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