Council Job Interview Training

Welcome to City and County Council Job Interview Training portal, If it is your aim to become employed by your local authority as a General Operative, Plant Driver, Ganger, Foreman, Supervisor, etc. then this training is a MUST if you want to have any chance of beating other applicants on the competitive interview process. I have helped numerous people over the years prepare for interviews in local authorities, which have lead them all to been placed on Jobs panels in different sections of the Councils.


Want to know how I got 1st Position 3 Times in Open Local Authority Interviews beating hundreds of Applicants at a Time.

10x your reach closer to making it onto a Local Authority Jobs Panel by following my simple steps

Discover 2 Insanely Powerful strategies I used to nearly predict with accuracy what questions would come up at the different Interviews that I attended

100% Pass Rate Getting Passed the 1st Stage

Learn how to craft your application form so you pass the first stage of a competitive Interview, And why nearly 60% of people make a crucial mistake and get eliminated and never make it to the second stage.

Interview Questions and Answers

Our Interview Courses are jam-packed with questions and answers to suit each job title, We will also show you strategies and techniques how to respond quickly to any question, making it hard for any Interviewer not to want you.

24/7 Availability via Phone, Laptop or I Pad.

Our Online learning management system is fully accessible 24hours 7 days a week for you to view your courses and replay them at any time you wish, they are fully compatible with all operating systems

Do you want to be one of the 60% of applicants that never make it to the second stage

Stop Collisions at the Source

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